The Essentia Hotel Villa Ottone's wellness center in Portoferraio recalls the ancient rituals of Middle Eastern hammams and the elegance of the Custom Zone Comfort Zone. Soft lines and delicate colors make the Hotel Villa Ottone's boutique Beauty Center Essentia a haven of well-being.

The entrance to the Wellness Center is located in the splendor of the secular park of Villa Ottone Hotel and the entrance to the reception is the interiors decorated with mosaic.
Decorated in style, they are in perfect harmony with the treatments offered. From Turkish bath to Reiki, from Thai massage to the techniques that draw on the oldest roots of Ayurveda with Shirodara, Abhyangam and Swedana.


Estetic Center

Hotel Villa Ottone in Elba Island offers a truly "emotional journey" that draws on the most innovative techniques in a welcoming environment and permeated by an atmosphere that transmits harmony and balance. A hugging and relaxing experience, between the gradual temperature and aroma of Hamam and the chromotherapy light and color baths combined with aromatherapy. Villa Ottone Spa takes care of your body and mind even with classic massages and Oriental and Ayurvedic techniques, with aesthetic treatments and fitness.

Care of personal image

Care of the image of man and woman passes through the professionalism of manicure, pedicure (woman and man) and depilation personnel.


Hammam is the sanctuary of purification. The ritual of slowness for the mind and body, which in a timeless dimension are released from tension and daily stress. Turkish bath benefits have been known since antiquity. The Egyptians were the first appraisers of this custom, now known throughout the world, which refers to the Arab tradition of purifying the body through the steam at different temperatures: warm, lukewarm, cool. Associated with massages, hammam practice is a time of total relaxation that rewards with an intense and prolonged psycho-physical well-being. The Turkish bath favors deep cleansing and cleansing of the skin by providing elasticity and luminosity, fighting inflammation of the respiratory tract. It also has a toning and relaxing effect, so it is useful in treating stress and insomnia, rheumatic pain and muscle tension.

Emozional Showers

Color energy to help your body and mind regain their natural balance. Cold mists, tropical rain and emotional showers combined with sounds and perfumes accompany you in a journey that involves all the senses and stimulates the vital centers. A treatment that draws on the knowledge of Indian Ayurvedic medicine, which has always taken into account the influence of colors on the balance of chakras.