Essentia Oriental

From the East the secret to loosening the body and mind from stress, regenerating deeply and regaining its inner balance.


Plantar Reflexology

Plantar Reflexology, or Zonal Foot Massage, is a natural, manual and simple yet effective medicine technique. Finalized to retrieve and maintain the state of health, it runs on the footstep with thumbs. Plantar treatment is based on the principle that the foot plant is like a map in which the body's organs are reflected. By pressing on the various areas of the foot, the energy balance is reestablished by restoring a balance and preventing the most common disturbances. Plantar reflexology uses the principles of traditional Chinese medicine and the reflex points maps, which have been consolidated and verified for decades of practice in medical and rehabilitation environments.

Thai Traditional Massage and Thai Oil Massage

An ancient practice of 2500 years. It funds the acupressure points of Chinese medicine with body stretching inspired by the Yoga discipline of Indian origin, which assumes the main positions. It dissolves muscle tension and joint stiffness, ensuring those who practice it and those who benefit from an intense feeling of lightness and detachment, enhancing spiritual elevation and greater flexibility and elasticity of the body.

Thai Foot Massage

Thai originated technique from India that provides foot massage through manipulation and use of wooden stick. Great antistress, relaxes, promotes sleep, helps the circulation of the legs and regains vitality and energy.

Hot Stone

The Hot Stone Massage is the "Hot Stone Massage". It takes its name from the basalt stones that warm in water at about 70 degrees are used to relax the mind and body by intervening On specific energy points.