Essentia Ayurveda



The sweetness of a massage that affects the head, face and decollete. It focuses on energy points by supporting the relaxation of all facial muscles, with immediate benefit in terms of skin compactness. Against stress and fatigue, excellent against premature aging of the face.


The essence of the massage is written in the word "abhyangam", literally "application of oil in all parts of the body". Oil is the secret of this technique: it is a vehicle of energy through the massage and source of nourishment and rejuvenation. Abhyangam fights and prevents the effects of aging, is defamatory, prevents and corrects nervous system imbalances, promotes good sleep, helps maintaining healthy skin and gives energy and vigor to the body.


It is a more complex Abhyangam massage. It ripens with a feeling of total bliss. Kerala's secret is to balance the energy components present in the body, which is cleansed from every trace of stress through the art of sweetness and reactivation of the bloodstream.


Ancient Indian technique, Pindasweda consists of applying heat with bags full of herbs and spices. The combination of heat and herbs produces a benevolent effect in terms of melting the toxins and reducing swelling in the tissues and joints. It is indicated for the treatment of muscular and articular tension and contractures and in the case of retention of liquids and cellulites.


It is the practice of the profound well-being of Ayurvedic science. An experience that sweeps away the tensions of everyday life and infuses in the mind and body a feeling of regained vitality. Shirodhara consists in pouring oil on the forehead at body temperature, through a constant and regular flow. The heat emanated from the oil wraps its head in a dimension of serenity and detachment. It is the ritual of relaxation and inner peace.