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Hotel Villa Ottone - Elba Island

Villa Ottone down the ages...

In 1850, Lady Vittoria Altoviti Avila married Giuseppe Toscanelli, a nobleman from Pisa who was later elected a member of Parliament. In 1857 their son Giovan Battista, known to the family as Bistino, was born. He fell ill with tuberculosis in his adolescence.
The family followed the advice of the doctors of the time who ordered sea air, and chose a fine piece of land on the then wild, remote Island of Elba. THey had a fine, large mansion built for Bistino to regain his strengh by the sea, surrounded by the scents of the various mediterranean species and the curative plants such as the majestic Eucalypti of the park of the villa.
This is how the story of Villa Ottone began…
…After the premature death of their beloved son Bistino, the Altoviti Toscanelli familly sold the property. It was 1920 and the « Belle Epoque » had come to an end with the war.

The Agostini brothers, Basilio and Emilio, bought Villa Ottone. Emilio was the pharmacist of the village of Rio nell’Elba. He was given the nickname « Tigrin della Sassetta » by the fellow poets of Giosuè Carducci. He had a great poetic inspiration and took the initiative of the buying.

Enchanted by the magic of the place, he wrote in his poem « Blooming mimosa »: « Villa Ottone, wonder of the tyrrhenian sea and harmonious Elysée of Elba, for you I felt the enchantment of serene days, and a flash of luminous love. His exhuberant and generous nature and his gentleman soul, though maybe more enclined to « vices than virtues », forced him to give away half of the property to his more pragmatic brother Basilio who bought it for his only daughter Emilia.

Emilietta and Giuseppe Di Mario got married in 1940 and had three children: Mario, Roberto and Maria Adelaide. The property remained in the family and survived World War II but it was no longer used as a private residence only anymore. During summer Villa Ottone would be rented. This is how it became a hotel.

The Di Mario brothers started very young, in 1964, to manage the hotel and made it their job. Since then Villa Ottone developped to become the five-star hotel that it is now.
The enchantment of the place has inspired several artists. Among the famous people who stayed at Villa Ottone one can find the name of Paul Klee who was conquered by the charm of the place and by the overall beauty of the Island that inspired him and gave him energy, ideas and a new creative surge.
Nowadays our family keeps on working to maintain the harmony of the place that melts with the studied elegance of the hotel, giving its guests a sensation of peacefulness.
Villa Ottone is an oasis of serenity, where you can relax and enjoy unforgettable sunsets in a scenario in which the sky and sea melt into a unique nuance of blue.